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IMPROVEMENT: Client filter on invoice page
As you continue to use Time Track Turbo for invoicing, you might come to appreciate a new feature which lets you filter your invoices by client.
MINOR CHANGE: Project notes
The project editor would not let users add line breaks to the project notes field. This was by design so that pressing enter would save the record. The enter key will no longer save the record and if the project notes are focused/selected then a line break will be added at the cursor's location.
IMPROVEMENTS: Now button, Project management grid
The "Now" button located on the Timesheet management page will now set the date and time when clicked, whereas before it would only set the time. The Project Management page's list of projects has a new column, Default Service, which displays the project's default service if one was selected.
A new Time Track Turbo review
Arun Kumar at ilovefreesoftware.com was kind enough to review our site. Check it out.

Dashboard optimizations
Did some work on the dashboard in order to improve performance. The load times should be a little better now.
NEW INVOICE TYPE: Detailed time report
We've added a new invoice report, the Detailed time report. This new report is similar to the time report, except is includes detailed descriptions. The new report is available on the invoice page.
Use Time Track Turbo Offline
The Google Chrome extension for Time Track Turbo now supports offline mode.
We still require a membership and you will have to login to the main site at least once with Google Chrome before going offline. That means you can "Go offline" and then take your laptop/tablet on the road and track your time while disconnected from the internet. When you connect back, you can "Go online" and all your tracked time will be synched up with our servers. Sweet!