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NEW FEATURE: Dashboard total week's elapsed hours
We have added a total week's hours to the dashboard. This will show a running total for the week of all dashboard tracked projects.
NEW PAID FEATURE: Time Report Export to CSV
As requested, it is now possible to export the Time Detail Report to CSV format. The Time Detail Report is available on the reports page.
NEW FEATURE: Dashboard total day's elapsed hours
As requested we have added a total day's hours to the dashboard. This will show a running total for the day of all dashboard tracked projects.
One Year Subscriptions Added
It is now possible to save some money on paid subscriptions by signing up for a year. The cost of a yearly subscription is less than paying for a year's time with 30 day subscriptions.
NEW PAID FEATURE: Invoice Payments
It is now possible for paying subscribers to keep track of invoice payments. Although the feature is basic right now, there are plans to expand on it. Currently the payments do not show on invoices or anywhere else. Think of the invoice payments as a helper for keeping track of these things within Time Track Turbo. Future plans include adding the option to display payments on invoice reports and on various screens.
NEW FEATURE: Elapsed hours this week
There is a new feature that can be seen on the dashboard that displays a project's tracked hours for the current week. The first day of the week can be configured from the user settings page.
Relaxed validation on address fields
In order to better support various international address formats we have relaxed our address validation criteria a little. We now support state abbreviation of up to three characters. Zip / postal codes can now be as few as four characters. Hope this helps out our Australian users.