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Minor Update to Support PayPal Change
Working on the upcoming business package and found a minor problem with PayPal subscription processing. This won't affect anyone's subscriptions, but if I don't make a code change now, it would cause problems after PayPal fixes their bug. The change has to do with recurring subscriptions. A recurring subscription value of 1, means that you are only paying for a single 30 day period. A recurring subscription value of 2 means that after the first 30 days, your subscription will be automatically renewed for another 30 days. Technically, the recurring value of 1 is not a recurring subscription, so this update makes that the case when processing the payment. Again, this won't affect anyone's subscriptions, it is just something I had to do in order to stay compatible with PayPal when they fix their bug that allowed for a recurring subscription value of 1.
Update to Time sheets Management page
The time sheets management page has been modified to return more results when viewing the list of projects and time sheets. The number of results have been raised from 10 to 20.
Update to Charts and History Page
Several small fixes were made to the charts and history page. Most of these having to do with inconsistencies in the way date ranges are specified. The history page now shows the total hours for the day, when there are hours logged.
Update to help pages
The help pages have needed updating for some time so I will be updating them over the next few days/weeks. Today I was able to get the quickstart and calendar help pages done. The main thing I'm focusing on right now is getting new screenshots, since the update to version 2 changed the look completely.
NEW MINI FEATURE: Client name in project selector
Sometimes it is hard to tell which project belongs to what client. That's why you can now see the client's name in the project drop-down selector. If there is no client associated with the project then nothing changes. If the project is linked to a client then you will see "project name (client name)" in the selector.
NEW PAID FEATURE: Delete project update
Paid subscribers will now have the ability to delete a project, all of its related timesheets and invoices with a single action. Free users are still required to manually delete timesheets and invoices before being allowed to delete a project. We can't make it too easy to game the system. :)
Legal Style Report Changes / Improvements
The legal style invoice has been modified to display a flat rate invoice item's (aka "additional charges") quantity and "price per". The "additional charges" date field no longer shows the time component, only the date.